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The Power of Play: A Journey Back to Childhood

young child in green dress standing next to a large barbie house in 1980.

When we think about our most cherished memories from childhood, many of us can easily recall the simple joy of play. Play formed the foundation of our early life, be it hide-and-seek, building sandcastles at the beach, or doll tea parties on a rainy afternoon. As children, we knew the truth: play was not just fun but essential.

In my case, as an only child, I had an unstoppable attraction towards toys. My favourite was Barbie, and hours would dissolve into mere minutes as I busied myself with Barbie, her friends (and wardrobe!), and imaginary worlds that I built and expanded. This passion wasn’t only about my fun and how play enabled me to understand the world around me.

Why is this important to me now, you might ask? As a parent and an entrepreneur, I want to recreate the powerful learning experience of play for children today. My business is built around the principle that play isn’t a diversion but a conduit for discovery, growth, and connection. In my work as a therapist, I have seen how the right toys and creating the right conditions for play can spark engagement and growth across all developmental areas.

Children communicate their thoughts, fears, dreams, and knowledge through play. It is their language, their way of interpreting the world. The brilliant Maggie Dent once said, “Play is a child’s work, and it’s essential for their brain development.” I also want to make it my work to make play a fundamental part of every child’s life.

This is why I’ve created toy subscription packs – an ode to the magic of play, the inspiration of my childhood, and the beacon that will guide the way for a new generation. Each pack is curated to inspire joy, foster creativity, and enhance essential skills like problem-solving, emotional intelligence, and social interaction. They are not just toys but tools for exploration and understanding, creating a safe and exciting environment for growth.

These packs are not meant to replace traditional play but to enhance it, providing parents with the means to foster an atmosphere of fun and learning at home. They encourage children to push boundaries, ignite curiosity, and cultivate resilience, all while keeping the charm of good old-fashioned play intact. They are designed with love, crafted with care, and infused with the essence of fun.

As parents, we often worry about the future, wanting to prepare our children for an increasingly complex world. However, let’s remember the wisdom we carry from our childhood. Let’s remember the joy and wonder we felt while at play, the lessons we learned, the resilience we built, and the friends we made. Play was our teacher, and it’s time we allow it to educate our children too.

I invite you to join this exciting journey back to childhood – when learning and fun were two sides of the same coin. Explore our therapy subscription packs and let your children discover the magic of play, just as we did. Together, we can make play the heart of learning and nurture the next generation of creative, confident, and compassionate individuals.

So let’s create, explore, and play – because we find the path to endless possibilities in play.