About Small Moments Speech & Play

Play isn't a pastime; it's a lifeline. It anchors mental health, fosters resilience, and lays the foundation for a fulfilling life.

About Small Moment’s Speech & Play and Kylie Toynton

Our Story

Small Moment’s Speech & Play is a beacon of hope, understanding, and growth for countless families, firmly rooted in the vision and expertise of its founder, Kylie Toynton. With a vast academic foundation and an unwavering dedication to the power of play, Kylie has been the guiding light behind our mission to celebrate and nurture the incredible potential that lies within every child.

A Philosophy Rooted in Family

For Kylie, therapy is not just about the child. It’s about the family. Believing in the interconnected nature of familial bonds, she operates with the principle that one change in the family dynamic can trigger profound growth. This child-centered approach, complemented by her close collaboration with families, has been the cornerstone of achieving longstanding therapeutic goals.

Our Purpose and Products

At Small Moment’s Speech & Play, our purpose is unwavering: to champion the power of play in nurturing the developmental milestones of children, inspired by Kylie’s expertise and philosophy. Our handpicked therapy toys and packages are more than just products – they are tools designed with love, research, and a profound understanding of a child’s needs. Every toy, every package is a testament to our mission, mirroring the essence of play and its pivotal role in a child’s life.

Join us in our mission, for in the world of Small Moment’s Speech & Play, every moment counts.

Meet Kylie

Kylie Toynton B.Sp.Path, CPSP, is a paediatric speech pathologist with a love of working with children with a variety of skills and abilities, including speech and language difficulties developmental delays, Autism Spectrum Disorder, physical differences and intellectual disabilities. She has owned a private practice in Gunnedah since 2011 that provides speech therapy services to children from birth to the teenage years.  

Kylie’s clinical expertise focuses on the use of play in the development of foundational speech and language skills for children. She also incorporates augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) systems for children both as a primary means for communication, and alongside traditional therapy approaches. 

Kylie believes that working with families using child-centred approaches helps to achieve their goals and views the family as a whole unit- where one change in the system can create meaningful growth. Kylie is passionate about life-long learning and sharing that knowledge in accessible ways with those that she serves. 

In addition to her clinical practice, Kylie has presented to educators, teachers, parents and allied health professionals on the topics of rural health and how to successfully implement speech therapy goals into the home and classroom. Kylie has featured on the Build ‘Em Up podcast, published in Pedals, and was awarded the NBN Innovation Award – Health for 2021. 

Kylie achieved a Bachelor of Speech Pathology from La Trobe University Melbourne and a Masters of Gerontology from University of New England. She lives on the family cattle farm at Rocky Glen NSW with her husband and three daughters. In between her work with children and families she loves reading, photography, craft, yoga and watching cosy crime TV shows. F