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Unlock Your Child’s Potential as They Embark on Their School Journey

Starting school is a significant milestone I recognise that it involves more than just learning letters and numbers. That's why I've created the "School Starters Therapy Box" - a comprehensive toolkit designed to foster essential learning skills in children.

Cultivating Core Skills for Lifelong Learning:

Our Therapy Box focuses on nurturing pivotal skills that are crucial for early education:

  • Vocabulary and Category Knowledge: Enhance your child's language and comprehension skills.
  • Narrative Skills: Foster the ability to understand and tell stories, an essential part of communication.
  • Thinking Skills: Develop critical and analytical thinking capabilities.
  • Planning: Teach your child how to plan and organize, a vital skill for academic success.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Improve dexterity and control, aiding in writing and other school activities.
  • Attention & Concentration: Boost focus and the ability to concentrate in a classroom setting.
  • Creativity: Encourage imaginative and creative thinking.

Expertly Crafted for Maximum Engagement:

Our Therapy Box includes:

  • Play Guides for Parents: Easy-to-follow guides that help you engage with your child effectively.
  • Product Guides with 80+ Unique Activities: Diverse and enjoyable activities that cover various developmental areas.
  • Video Content: Visual aids to support the implementation of activities.
  • Exclusive Facebook Community Membership: Join a supportive network of parents and share experiences and tips.

Designed for:

  • Parents of children on the NDIS scheme seeking a comprehensive developmental toolkit.
  • Families are looking for support in preparing their child for school's academic and social aspects.

The activities and products will help you create over 8 hours or engagement and learning for less than the cost of three therapy sessions.

Eligible participants may be able to use their NDIS funds for purchasing this kit. A service agreement will be sent to you after you complete the NDIS checkout process.

Please note that occasionally, the specific items in the toolbox may vary in brand, color, or other minor aspects due to external supply considerations. Rest assured, these variations do not impact the intended therapeutic value of the program.

The School Starters Therapy Box