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Discover the Wonders of Learning with the "Early Skills Therapy Box" from Small Moments Speech & Play

Nurture the foundations of Communication and Creativity for Your Child's Bright Future

Foundational Skills for a Lifetime of Learning:

The Early Skills Therapy Box is thoughtfully curated to lay a strong foundation for your child's speech, language, and social development. With this box, your child will explore and master the essential building blocks of learning that will serve them for years to come.

Empower Your Child's Development:

The Early Skills Therapy Box is designed to:

  • Cultivate Cause & Effect reasoning for logical thinking.
  • Foster Joint Attention to improve social interaction and learning.
  • Encourage Gestures, Sound Making & Speech for effective communication.
  • Enhance Listening Skills for better auditory processing and response.
  • Develop Fine Motor Skills for writing readiness and daily activities.
  • Build Words & Sentences for a strong language foundation.
  • Stimulate Play & Engagement for a love of learning and exploration.

We understand the anxiety that comes with the 'wait and see' approach. That’s why our box includes:

  • Guided Play: Our play guides demystify the process of educational play, showing you how to turn each interaction into a learning opportunity.
  • Activity Suggestions: With over 80 activities, you’ll never be at a loss for how to play with your child. Each activity is designed to be fun and developmentally appropriate, taking the guesswork out of playtime.
  • Video Demonstrations: For parents who are visual learners, our video content breaks down exactly how to engage with your child using the tools provided.

Tailored for Your Child:

Perfect for parents who want to actively support their child’s early development, especially within the framework of the NDIS scheme.

  • Developed by an experienced professional: Every aspect of the Therapy Box is designed with expert knowledge to support your child’s speech, language, and learning development.
  • Comprehensive Skill Building: From fostering listening and sound production to enhancing joint attention, every activity targets an essential early learning skill.
  • Inclusive Support: With play guides for parents and video content, we provide a clear pathway for you to guide and support your child’s learning journey.
  • Community Connection: Gain access to an exclusive Facebook community to share experiences, tips, and support with other parents.

Designed For Parents Who:

  • Are concerned about their child’s development and don’t want to 'wait and see.'
  • Feel isolated due to a lack of access to early intervention services.
  • Are unsure about how to play in a way that promotes learning and development.

Act Now for Your Child's Tomorrow:

 With the Early Skills Therapy Box you have the power to start supporting your child’s development today. Embrace the joy of playing with purpose and watch as your child learns, grows, and thrives.

Exceptional Value in Every Box

Investing in your child’s development has never been more accessible or cost-effective. The Early Skills Therapy Box is priced at less than the cost of three typical therapy sessions, yet it delivers immeasurable value. Imagine the endless hours of guided play and learning your child will enjoy. With over 80 unique activities and expertly selected toys, this box transforms into countless sessions of developmental enrichment right in your own home. Each item is not just a toy, but a stepping stone to enhanced communication, cognitive skills, and social interaction that your child can revisit again and again. The box is not a one-time use; it's a treasure trove of learning experiences that keeps on giving, providing both you and your child with a hands-on, interactive way to learn and grow together daily.

Please note occasionally, the specific items in the toolbox may vary in brand, color, or other minor aspects due to external supply considerations. Rest assured, these variations do not impact the intended therapeutic value of the program

The Early Skills Therapy Kit