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Get their cogs spinning with this beautiful beginner gear puzzle!

Pick one of the five double-sided puzzle cards and slide it into the slot of the wooden frame. Each one features a vibrant picture with outlines of gears arranged throughout.

It's up to your little puzzler to fit the right-sized gears into the slots of the puzzle board so they connect just right over the picture.

Then, give one of the gears a spin, and - Whoosh! - Eyes widen with excitement as they all spin together!

Motor skills, matching skills, and cause-and-effect exploration combine in a way that really gets the mind spinning with wonder when kids start building with the Go Go Gears.

Go Go Gears!
Wooden puzzle board for aligning gears with pictures and then spinning them all together. Encourages fine motor skills, matching skills, creativity, cause-and-effect learning. A wonderfully colourful gear puzzle designed just right for little onesSlide one of the 5 double-sided puzzle cards into the slot of the wooden frame. Match the gears over the gear outlines of the puzzle cardTurn one gear to spin them all together!Includes puzzle board, 5 double-sided puzzle cards, large gear, 2 medium gears, 5 small gearsLargest gear measures 3.25 inches in diameter. High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability and safety


Fat Brain Toys Go Go Gears!