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Small steps...stumble, trip and up again.

The more research and learning I do, the more I understand the benefits and the mechanics of children learning through play and everyday interactions. Parenting is the hardest job there is and while I believe that parents have the skills and abilities to help their children, I also know how overwhelming it is to try to do it all. For families in rural communities there are the extra barriers involving travel, access and availability of services, so my aim is to empower parents, no matter where they are, to help their children

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What my overseas trip taught me about my job.

While I understood this all before my trip, I had not experienced and felt it in a very long time. Shared experience is not always necessary for empathy, but having a small glimpse of struggling with communication on a daily basis really helped me, as did reflecting on my experiences. I want to keep putting myself in new situations that challenge me and help me rethink how I work and how I understand the children I work with.

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