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Small steps...stumble, trip and up again.

Small steps...stumble, trip and up again.

About two years ago I developed an idea for a parent course based on a firm belief that if we equip adults with knowledge and skills then children will be given a safety net when services werent easily available. And I was lucky enough to come across a grant that matched my plan and circumstances and then win it - the NBN Innovation Grant for Health. I was so excited and proud at that moment and ready to deliver what I felt could be a really great thing for  rural parents. But sometimes reality (or the totally unexpected) gets in the way of the best laid plans.

I won't go into too many details, but I had a legal tussle over my business name that took time, money and energy away from my plans to release the finished course and get on with helping parents. But there was more to it than that - my confidence took a nosedive. I doubted myself and my ability to really be of use to the wider community. I doubted whether I was really an innovator or even whether I deserved the award and the grant at all. It became easier to just put the project to the side and get on with my day to day working and family life. I definitely stumbled and I definitely tripped and it was quite a while before I felt able to stand up again.

But the purpose and the drive to help parents has never gone away and at the start of this year I made the commitment to myself to look at the couse again, make the changes I needed to and relaunch on a new platform. And do you know what stood out to me the most - I had done a good job. I had created a course that parents could dip in and out of when they needed to and gave them tips, strategies and skills in everyday life and in all ways that children engage and interact with. I am proud of what I have created.

The more research and learning I do, the more I understand the benefits and the mechanics of children learning through play and everyday interactions. Parenting is the hardest job there is and while I believe that parents have the skills and abilities to help their children, I also know how overwhelming it is to try to do it all. For families in rural communities there are the extra barriers involving travel, access and availability of services, so my aim is to empower parents, no matter where they are, to help their children.

This wasn't the journey I thought I would have to launching the course, but it is my journey and I'm so glad to be standing up and moving on with it.

Small Steps to Big Language is now available in my store to purchase, and you will receive a discount when purchased with a therapy box or playact.

Best wishes on your own journey, even when stumbling and tripping your way through.