Art Adventure Kit


Art Adventure Kit

Unleash your child's inner artist with the Art Adventure Kit. Bursting with creative supplies and imaginative activities, this kit encourages artistic expression and endless creativity. Start your journey with one of Hervé Tullet's books, using art as a medium for storytelling, creation, and fun.

Perfect for Home, Childcare Centres, and Preschools!

The Art Adventure Kit is an ideal resource for fostering creativity and self-expression through theme-based activities. Suitable for childcare centers or preschools, this kit includes an art book by Hervé Tullet and a variety of art supplies to inspire children to use art as a medium for storytelling and creation. It encourages children to communicate their thoughts and ideas visually, which can be especially helpful for those needing assistance with verbal communication skills. This kit supports children's artistic expression, boosting their confidence and creativity.


  • Hervé Tullet’s art book
  • Art supplies (paints, brushes, markers, etc.)
  • Creative activity ideas
  • Craft paper and tools
  • A general guide to play and interaction

Pre-order now!! Kits will be available and posted out from 10 July 2024.

Please note that these kits do not come with therapy activities or videoguides - they are a product that can be used to bring more play and connection into your life.