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Unveil the World of Sensory Exploration with Our "Sensory Play Kit"

A Tried and True Collection Curated by an Expert Speech Pathologist

Experience the Joy of Learning Through Sensory Play:

Our "Sensory Play Kit" is filled with the most beloved and effective tools used in professional therapy sessions, handpicked by an experienced speech pathologist. These are not just toys; they are a rich resource for developing a broad range of sensory, cognitive, and motor skills. Each item in the kit has been chosen for its ability to offer sensory feedback that is both therapeutic and educational.

What's Inside the Kit:

  • Sensory Tools That Teach: Discover toys that are repeatedly used in therapy for their reliability in addressing diverse sensory needs.
  • A Launchpad for Learning: Go beyond sensory play with activities designed to enhance fine motor skills, word formation, and sentence construction.
  • Cultivate Key Skills: Foster self-regulation, imaginative play, and critical thinking & planning abilities in your child.
  • Engage in STEM Play: Encourage exploration and learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through play.

Comprehensive Support for Parents:

  • Play Guides: Receive detailed guides to support meaningful play sessions between you and your child.
  • Activity Booklet: Get creative with over 80 unique activities that

complement the sensory toys, promoting hours of engaging play and learning.

  • Video Demonstrations: Access instructional content that provides clear, step-by-step support for implementing the activities at home.
  • Exclusive Community Access: Join our dedicated Facebook group to connect with other parents and share experiences, tips, and support.

Developed with Care:

Crafted with expertise and care, this kit is a product of years of experience in speech pathology, ensuring that each activity contributes to your child's developmental journey.

Safety First:

Please note that the "Sensory Play Kit" contains small parts. It is not suitable for children under 3 years of age or for children who have a tendency to chew or mouth toys. We prioritize your child's safety while providing an enriching sensory experience.

Why Choose the Sensory Play Kit?

  • Skill Development: Enhances a wide array of skills crucial for early childhood development.
  • Engagement: Offers endless opportunities for play and learning, keeping your child absorbed in constructive activities.
  • Expert Design: Each element is chosen by a professional, ensuring that the playtime is not just fun but also strategically aligned with developmental milestones.
  • Community Support: You're not alone on this journey; our Facebook community is here to support and guide you along the way.

Parental Peace of Mind:

With the "Sensory Play Kit," you can take comfort in knowing you have the tools and support to contribute positively to your child's growth and development. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of 'waiting and seeing' and embrace a proactive approach to your child's learning and sensory needs.

The Sensory Play Therapy Box


The Sensory Play Therapy Box is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.