Storytellers Treasure Kit


Storyteller’s Treasure Kit

Ignite a passion for storytelling with the Storyteller’s Treasure Kit. Filled with props and prompts, this kit encourages children to weave their own tales, boosting their imagination and sense of self.

Perfect for Home, Childcare Centres, and Preschools!

The Storyteller’s Treasure Kit is an ideal resource for creating engaging, theme-based activities in both home and educational settings. Whether used in childcare centers or preschools, this kit offers a magical way to support children's communication skills. By incorporating storytelling props, story cards, and creative writing tools, it provides a playful and imaginative environment that encourages children to express themselves, build their vocabulary, and develop their narrative abilities. Enhance your theme-based activities with this treasure trove of resources, perfect for aiding children who need extra assistance with communication skills. Watch their confidence grow as they immerse themselves in the enchanting world of stories!


  • Storytelling props
  • Story cards and prompts
  • Creative writing tools
  • A general guide to play and interaction

Pre-order now!! Kits will be available and posted out from 10 July 2024.

Please note that these kits do not come with therapy activities or video guides - they are a product that can be used to bring more play and connection into your life.